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SEAC is an online squad of supportive endurance athletes. We help each other train smarter, work harder and get the most from our chosen endurance sport. Through our sport we grab the most from our lives.  Work, business, friendships, health and family are all better for our love of our sport.

Buy or hire the best equipment for your training needs

Enjoy group events & training debriefings

Support & guidance for self coached athletes

Join our weekly video conference - Chaseac

Efficiency is worth the effort for everybody at every level

Coaching that starts from the ground up & guides you to achieve the impossible

Whatever your goals, achieve them with minimal time and a positive impact on all aspects of your life

Open water skills to be relaxed, efficient and have fun

Recovery gear, expertise & secrets

Build your FTP & fitness with structured training

A big, strong aerobic engine is where we start.

Technique from the beginning

Comradery to elevate your performance

Build an injury proof body

Challenging definately, different maybe, fun & effective always

Train smart. Get the most from every session.

Strength will make you faster over the last half of your event

What our squad members have to say

Charles leading us across Parsley Bay. Long and easy (LSD) running - our favorite

Highly recommend SEAC Studio for anything triathlon! Jas has a wealth of priceless wisdom that will help you achieve any goal!!

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Charles, Redfern Aust.



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