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Just $65p.wk

Results drive Seac's Executive Endurance (ExEnd) program!

Our clients are self motivated and goal focused. In their lives they want it all - family, work, social and fitness success.

The ExEnd program carefully plans your fitness and race goals, both short and long-term.  We want your goals to be jaw-dropping! You know you can do it - lets show 'em!


Together with you we build a periodised training plan including an annual plan. The plan is designed around your available time. The busier you are the more important it is that every session has value and is working towards your goals.


The Seac Coaching Panel is not just one coach who gives you the sessions that used to work for him.

We have three (3) coaches who work together to ensure your program fits within your lifestyle and fitness goals.

Why have just one coach when you can have 3 specialised coaches - the Ex Pro Triathlete who raced 90 Ironmans in his 20 year professional career, plus the businessman who has no right to qualify for Kona as many times as he has and certainly not to win the Ironman CEO World Championship and we

have the the Strength Coach Boxer who became a triathlete. All these awesome skills come together to deliver on your goals in your time.

If you have the goal, Seac Studio can make it happen. If you have any questions please email

The ExEnd program includes:

  • Detailed weekly, phase and annual training program

  • Strength training program

  • Unlimited access to our Coaching Panel

  • Free access to Training Peaks Premium

  • Unlimited free Seac Cycle Studio access

  • Unlimited free access to the Seac pool, sauna and spa

  • Unlimited free access to Seac Strength Studio, rower and treadmills

  • A pat on your back when you smash your goals like a guitar!

  • Plus many more sessions, adventures and tips along the way.

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