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swim bike brick


This is our most popular membership option, providing free & unlimited access to all facilities, bike classes & book your own rides.

You live a busy life, so your membership should reflect your lifestyle. Living in Sydney, working hard and busy family life means your training needs to be flexible.

Combining riding with swimming, treadmill or weights really is the ultimate time efficient training.


Running on the Treadmill

$9.99p.a. + $25 per ride

Our easy Pay-as-you-go  membership option gives our members the flexibility to pay only when they ride.

Great for those wanting the backup option of a safe ride in inclement weather or a hard ride anytime of the day or night when life gets in the way of their training plans.

Book your own private ride or join a class session - its up to you.


Woman Lifting Weights

$55p.m. OR  $520p.a.

Just a very simple gym membership for those who understand the importance of compound lifts, free weights, mobility and stability strength training.

Just Gym members can workout anytime. Just use your swipe access card to let yourself in anytime day or night and get the job done.

PT's are available to help you achive your goals.

We’re here to help and answer any questions you may have.

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