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I was told recently by one of the eastern suburbs triathlon crew that Seac Studio is a little out of the way. Below is my response, which I thought I would share with everyone.

map of Sydney CBD, Darling Harbour, Pyrmont, Glebe

G'day buddy,

I've been thinking a little about what you said at the swim on Friday - that the Studio is just a little out of the way...

It is a bit of 'an eastern suburbs thing' that anywhere outside the east is out of the way :) There is nothing more certain, that if you trained in the Studio you would cut 30-60mins from your IM PB. I'm not sure if this is even something you are chasing, however the bike is where you have the best chance to drop big chunks of time. As a bigger guy you have power, the aim now is to increase your watts/kg. Without doubt increasing your watts/kg is quickest done indoors.

With a few small tweaks to your training schedule and your commute training you would be able to train in Seac and have time to spare. If we got you training with one of the group sessions you would find that riding in the Studio is very enjoyable and far more efficient.

From your place to Seac is just over 7k (run or ride). From Seac to your work is about 2k.Your place to your work is probably around 8k? You are already doing a lot of ‘commutraining’ - why not make the most of it.

Your next best time gain is in the water. Swimming responds best to frequency (before volume). So if you can easily swim (for free) before or after your ride (even 500m to 1k will do the trick) your swim will get better. A few tweaks to your stroke so your lats are engaged and you push all the way to your thigh and you will be swimming in the main bunch. Exiting the water in the main bunch will improve your bike by 10mins alone.

Increasing your watts/kg and swimming faster will both require strength. Running the entire run leg without walking will also require postural strength. Strength work is a must, but most people don't know how to integrate it into their already impossibly busy schedule. Here is the tip drop or shorten a run and ride each week and you will have your 90min of strength. The question is then when? Two of the strength sessions can be integrated with your swim, bike or run. So yep, you guessed it - Seac is the place to smash these out. You will also have Camila on hand to help with which strength exercises will pay the best reward for you and your goals.

It is worth noting Seac Studio is…

  • 300m to Ian Thorpe Aquatic Centre

  • 400m to Sydney ICC and Darling Harbour

  • 800m to Sydney Town Hall

  • 1.4km to Barangaroo

  • 1.5km to Martin Place

  • 1.6km to Victoria Park Pool

  • 2km to Prince Alfred Park Pool

  • 2.2km to Jubilee Park & Athletics Track

  • 3.8km to Centennial Parklands

  • 5.8km to Bondi Junction

  • 8km to Bondi Beach

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