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Ezy steps to book-n-ride in SEAC

Download the quick guide...

Ezy steps to book'n'ride in SEAC for more detail.

Or you can follow the steps below

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1. Login and book online at

And follow this description gallery (click the first image below)

1 b. Cancel an existing booking

Please assist your fellow squad mates by cancelling you ride as soon as you know you can’t make the ride.

  • Login as above

  • Click your name as (circled in blue)

  • Click the toggle next to the session you wish to cancel (orange arrow)

  • Click the trash bid (red arrow)

2. Let the squad know on Whatsapp Chaingang group

Help motivate others and yourself by letting the Seac Chaingang group on Whatsapp know you are planning to ride and when. Other members can then choose to join you. This is especially helpful if you are booking a ‘Private ride’.

Of course, if you prefer to ride solo you can choose not to post it to the group. It is completely optional.

If you are not on the Seac Chaingang Whatsapp group please let know.

3. Attach your bike to the Kickr

Watch this great how to video

4. Setup PerfPro software and press ‘play’

Click the image below for description gallery

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