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7 Bridges Run Report

It is always about the run itself and not the distance or the pace.

Too often runners and triathletes focus their attention on how far they must run or the pace they must hold. There may be a time and a place for this type of running, but it is not as often as you think.

Even for this little jog around Sydney Habour many folks were worried about the distance. 'Its too far' or 'its not far enough' were common excuses in the weeks leading up to this run. The pace was also discussed at length by many.

Come the morning the group of runners with a range of times and race goals ran perfectly together enjoying a great run around some iconic Sydney landmarks and many of Sydney's best kept secrets.

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Matt - the anesthetist father of three (so we cant show you his face) - is gaining strength by the week. From the get-go he was cruising with a free stride and a solid pace. He kept that flow all the way to the Pyrmont Bridge Hotel.

The other bolter is Camila who is showing definite signs that her speed is starting to bubble to the surface. Consistency and work ethic will always pay dividends.

Tibs has had a few injury problems, but his new commitment to strength training may be helping a little, as he showed no signs he couldn't handle this run. Ran it all in his stride and with a smile.

Dermot the Diesel engine powered through the run but was made to suffer on the many tough climbs. If it doesn't kill you... as they say in the classics.

Charles is not in training at the moment so the run was always going to prove tough. But like a true ironman he was always moving forward.

The quiet achiever Niall stayed solid all day. He is looking great for Ultra-Trail in a few (2) months. It was not by accident we had two bone-fide Irishman on the run to legitamise the few pints of recovery guinness.

P.S. This type of run training works the muscles but the training stress will be lower than a long road run. These runs actually injury proof your body.

See you next time!

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