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Claytons Training Camp

The Claytons Training Camp goes a little something like this... Fri 545p/ABC Pool: endurance swim, focused on pacing and breathing. Please bring pull buoy and paddles. Arrive 15min early for a 545p swim start. Arrive early or late but just get in the water and swim. Sets and pace explained in water. Sat 6a/York Rd Gate CP: We roll out at 6a sharp with the normal Brat group. If at all possible start from the gates as opposed to joining along the way so we can explain ride safety and meet points etc. Pace will be as easy as we can manage as a group. The Claytons riders will leave no man behind (we may put them on a train). We will regroup at Waterfall. Back through the Nasho we will regroup at the top of all 3 hills! First to the top of each hill must drop back down to pull up last rider to claim KOM. Second up the hill drops back to second last etc. The group will ride faster and safer as a group 😶 and it beats waiting at the servo. For tips on how to ride in a group click here.

Sat 1230p/Seac: For a strength and swim drill double header. Strength session will focus on lower body mobility and upper body strength. We then jump in the pool for specific drill session.


Sat 130p/Icebergs: for a solid Mermaid swim

Sun 930a/Heffron Park: Brat Sprint Tri. Awesome event, well run and cheap as chips. Great training.

Note - you will not feel like doing this race. It is important to make the decision today, register and pay your money. Pack your bag and car on Saturday before you get tired in the evening. Regardless of how you feel on Sun morning get ready eat brekky and get to the start line. Race as hard as you can. Everyone will respond differently.

Mon 6a/York Rd Gates: For a cruisy ride north to the Three Gorges. The ride goes straight up the pacific Hwy to Hornsby. Then drop into Galston Gorge to Wisemans Ferry. Back onto the Pacific Hwy and drop into Bobbin Head. Back onto the Pacific Hwy for the return trip to the city and Centennial Park.

We will have two additional meet points (1) at the Harbour Br cycle steps on the north side; (2) the second meet point we can arrange based on who is meeting up but somewhere around Kilara will be the aim. Please whatsapp the Claytons Camp group to arrange.

Any questions please ask on FB or the Clayton Whatsapp group (click here to join)

Have fun!

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