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Join Seac Studio and save $9,000!

Purpose built for triathletes and endurance athletes, SEAC Studio provides the tools and facilities allowing executive and time-poor athletes to train efficiently and achieve their goals.

The only facility of its kind in Australia, members can book their own private indoor cycles any time of the day or night. Every member can let themselves in and ride their own session, or book into the many group rides.

Members can use our weights and strength facilities as well as rowers, recovery boots, treadmills, 25m pool, sauna and spa. These are great options to combo with your ride.

Gold membership is just $30 per week or one (1) eastern suburbs coffee a day ($4.50x7=$31.50) and offers complete unlimited access to all our facilities.

To get the most from our facilities we suggest you use a coach from our coaching panel and choose one of the two coached membership options - ExEnd & Endurance+ memberships are just $65/$55 per week respectively, or two (2) eastern suburbs coffees a day ($9x7=$63)

Occasionally prospective new members will be concerned with the price of a Seac membership. Our long-term existing members will tell you, as you are not likely to give up your daily coffee, here are just a few more ways your Seac membership will save you thousands:-

  1. Save $48 on cost of four tubes per year because you ride indoors

  2. Save $89 with our free FTP Test when you join

  3. Save $250 on the cost of one set of tyres per year because you ride at least once per week indoors

  4. Save $324 on the cost of TrainingPeaks annual subscription because it is included in your ExEnd membership

  5. Save $400 on the cost of one winter cycling kit because you ride indoors twice a week during winter

  6. Save $480 on the cost of 4 visits to the physio/chiro because you train in the correct zones, attend our strength and mobility class and use our recovery equipment

  7. Save $500 when you buy a $300 watch (instead of an $800 Garmin) and knowing how to use it and synch it with the best value software

  8. Save $600 by not buying and online training program that doesn't work with your lifestyle or the city you live in.

  9. Save $700 on pool entry per year because you make use of the Seac pool just twice per week.

  10. Save $750 on the cost of one swim squad a week because you use our Drill Master swim class and swim specific strength program

  11. Save $750 on the cost of purchasing race wheels and hire race wheels from Seac Studio for your next event

  12. Save $1,000 (up to $3,000) by buying a no-name brand bike and specking it up with tutelage from Seac tech’s

  13. Save $1,040 on your existing gym membership that you are not using to full advantage

  14. Save $1,250 by not crashing your bike and requiring a hospital/GP visit and bike parts/service …and more physio (p.s. there are two types of cyclists - those that have crashed and those that are going to crash)

  15. Save $1,400 on the cost of a watt meter by using Seac Kickr’s to train in the correct zone

These savings total over $9,000 in just your first year of Seac membership! How can you afford not to join? And, these are just the tangible, quantifiable savings of your Seac Studio membership.

Being able to train in all weather conditions at any time of the day or night is brilliant. Feeling safe and able to focus on the training itself is invaluable. “An hour on the Kickr is worth 90 minutes on the road” means you save a few hours every week in wasted ‘grey’ training time. The ability to ride and train side-by-side with top-level athletes and learn from them in a friendly, safe environment is unquantifiable.

Book your free introductory ride here or email for more information

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